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Photo Thanks to Marco Giumelli
Photo Thanks to Marco Giumelli

So your flights delayed, you’ve missed it or something has happened which ultimately means you have time to kill. We’ve all been there and I am quite certain we will be there again. Here’s a few options, some smart, some not, too pass your time while at an airport.


1. Get As Much Free Wifi As You Can

Use every device possible you have to get the ” 30 minute free internet” before it becomes paid. Laptop, phone, tablet – there’s an hour an a half of free internet! I’m not a fan of Starbucks coffee but they normally do have reliable internet at airports so it might be worth grabbing a drink to get access to the free wifi! Or if you’re feeling a bit adventurous ask someone for the code and don’t pay!

2. Get a flight that’s leaving sooner to somewhere else!

You never know your luck travelling and if your flights delayed by more than 1-2hours, lets say say 10-12 and your travel plans aren’t concrete you could easily mix things up. Especially if you’re – in Asia / Have a big budget or just don’t give a f*ck!

3. Go To The Bar

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It all starts with a kiss they say, the flight gets delayed, again, then again and suddenly that innocent pint has turned into tequila shots and big question is will they let me on when the plane finally arrives!

4.Try Sneak Into the Business/Airport Lounge

Prior to checking in, put on your Sunday best or pack them in your carry on. If in a large group you could use a friend as a decoy and try get into lounge while the staff member at reception is dealing with your ” decoy” friends enquiry. There’s a few ways to approach it.

5. Pay to Go into the Business/ Airport lounge

Paying could avoid issues with airport security and guarantee you access to the food buffet, showers, comfy chairs and relaxed area. Sometimes the fee is actually reasonable, most of the time not.

6. Start Blogging – Become a Blogger

Have you ever wanted to become a blogger? This could be your launchpad, a lengthy stop over or delay at an airport.

7. Wheelchair Racing

Try get your hands on a couple wheelchairs and find a quiet area. From hear you can really kick things off. I really doubt the games will last long but worth a try if you’re bored and up for a laugh and not worried about a run in with security.

8. Find A Job

If you’re a on a working holiday this could be a great way to find a job whether it’s bar work or a fruit picking job.
Kimberley Western Australia

9. Read Guides for the Next Destination

Whether you changed your flight or going to the next destination as intended figure out what your game plan is, googling phrases such as ” things to do in Sydney” or “fun things do to in Melbourne” is always a sure fire way to get some tips.

10. Sliding down escalators ( the side)

For the adrenaline seekers this could be the one, find the right length escalator and bang. It may not be the safest or smartest decision of your life but could get the blood pumping during a long stay over.

11. Card games

Guessing you probably don’t have a deck of cards, so if you don’t arguing who is going to pay for them and go get them should pass some time. Then once you’re set let the games begin.

12. Pester Your Mates On Social Media / Chat

As you are most likely travelling make sure you let your mates know how good it is and that your biggest problem at the moment ( apart from your bank balance / travelling on a budget) is deciding how to spend your time at the airport. Realising that nothing has really changed back home you can move on to the next task.

13. People Watch

Airports are truly full of characters, there’s always something going on unless you arrive 24hours late for a flight at Darwin airport and there’s virtually no one there. That actually happened to a friend of mine. Back on topic though you well get a diverse cross section of people so sit back, grab a drink, whatever it is and soak up the view.

14. Head into town

Dependant on the airports proximity to the somewhere worth visiting, heading into town or a tourist site could be on your cards. I had a 10 hour stopover in Chile in 2014 and went in for a a few pints and caught up with friends. Worked fine.

15. Meditation

If there’s no people watching going I am guessing because there’s no one there so why not have a little me time and meditate. Try apps like headspace on your smart phone.

16. Test the most Comfortable Position to Sleep

Definitely a lot of angles to consider here, on the floor ( with or without carpet), slouching on chairs, laying across benches, using your luggage as a pillow. Please share your story with the most comfortable position you have found in an airport or your favourite way to pass time.

Round Up

Obviously if your travel plans change dramatically you may need to get in contact with your accommodation provider or travel agent whether it’s a hostel, AirBNB, hotel and let them know you’ll be late or not coming! Try to use the delay to your advantage and then when everything can be done let the fun and games begin!

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