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23) You have no idea what day of the week it is and it doesn’t bother you.

22) Sometimes you forget what month it is.

21) Finding any amount of shampoo in a hostel shower gets you way more excited than it should.

20) You’re an expert at dressing in the dark.



19) You’ve looked at doing language courses in more than one country.

18) You’re stoked when your hostel has hot water.

17) You’re basically an expert negotiator at getting a bargain. Even if you’re saving 10 cents in Indonesia. It’s all about the principle.

16) You’re an expert at tip toeing into your dorm room at 4am. Drunk or Sober.

15) You will always have imodium in your travel bag.
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14) You’ve got a trillion new buddies on FB.

13) You have a friend to stay with in every country

12) Walking all day is very easy, even if it’s 10 miles ( 16km) a day.

11) Cramming four or five people onto a scooter seems normal.

10) You’ve mastered skyscanner and getting the cheapest flight.

9) You have no clothes you originally left with!



8) You have no idea the last time you shared a room with less than 3 other people.

7) You’re actually excited to do laundry.

6) You’ve become an expert at finding free wifi

5) You can sleep anywhere. Mates couches/ couch surfing, dorm beds, floors, back of a car, beach.

4) You started writing a blog but haven’t updated since your first week ( Interested in becoming a blogger – you can apply to join the Working Holiday Jobs blogging team)

3) Clean toilets & hot showers become a luxury . Wowie.

2) You memorised your passport number.

1) You’ve heard someone having sex while you were in the same room as them.


You’ve seen a couple have a break up fight in a hostel!


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