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Ever applied for that dream Working Holiday Job but not to get the response you expected even if you’re an “ideal candidate”. Here are 3 interview tips that could make the difference…

Know the company

There’s nothing worse than being asked about why you want to work for a company and about the culture of the organization only to think about what you had for breakfast. It’s all about showing your prospective employer that you’re keen to join their company and have taken the time to look into what they do and you’re the right person for the job.

Study the Job Description inside out

Being able to answer questions in the interview that relate back to the skillset needed to excel in the position is essential. Whether you’re referring back to how you handled a situation or a past job it’s all about showing the employer you know about the job and what it requires.

Tweak Your Resume for Each Job

This works better on a quality not quantity basis but you could also have a resume for a) bar jobs b) restaurants jobs c) customer service jobs but if you only apply for a limited amounts jobs then you can really cater your resume to the job description.

We will come back with some more tips, but for now use these 3 to get the ball rolling! If you have any handy tips you’d like us to share with everyone please do to so.

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