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Travelling is a great part of any working holiday adventure and lets be honest with year or two abroad comes some sexual experiences. If you’ve think we’ve missed any out let us know!

31. You’ll never forgot the first time


30. Many people choose to stay in hotels while doing it


29. Some just do it in hostels


28. It’s a great stress reliever


27. There’s usually some baggage involved


26. There’s so many ways to do it, with a woman, man or even a big group.


25. Many people do it after much planning while others are completely spontaneous


24. Some of the best experiences are free while others you have to pay for


23. Even a bad experience can be better than no experience.


22. Finding the right people to do it with can be challenging


21. You can do it with people you know or randoms.


20. It can get really awkward sometimes.


19. Guidebooks can be very helpful with tips and hints


18. Some people like to get as many “passport stamps” as they can.


17. The vast majority of people do it between 18-50 but many earlier and some much later.


16. The use of protection can be smart in risky situations .


15. Many make a career / living out of it.


14. Taking photos or videos of it is very popular


13. Many people dream about it while at work


12. It can be extremely exhausting


11. Many people are addicted to it

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10. The more you do it, the better you get


9. If you’re not careful you can get a disease


8. There’s always someone who’s done it more than you.


7. And someone who hasn’t done it as much.


6. It’s often a multicultural experience.


5. There’s people who hate it / choose not to do it


4. Some people like it rough and dirty.


3. Waking up thinking where “ Where the bloody hell am I”


2. You can go nuts if you haven’t done it in a while.


1. If you’re lucky there’s even free breakfast involved.

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