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So you’re going to experience an Australian music festival while on you’re on a working holiday visa. Like back home there’s going to be people that will be at every Aussie gig, from Stereosonic to summadayze to rainbow serpent. Read our list of 6 People you will see at every Australian music festival,

6. The Mankini

Since the rise of Borat the mankini has never looked back and is bound to make a cameo at every music festival.

5. The Posers

Practicing their golden pose in the mirror is essential to the poser training. Then it’s as simple astaking advantage of an opportune moment to get their festival happy snaps taken and put up on Facebook!
poser music festival

4. The Gym Junkie #tops off

Months of training, shredding and eating well culminate to one day that is typically a music festival. Wait to the beats start playing and the boys will get their gear off, suns out, guns out!
gym junkie music festival

3. The Implants

A standard feature at Aussie music festivals many of the punters will skip over to Thailand for cheaper cosmetic/surgical work, but wherever the job is done you’ll be sure to them at any given music festival.
implants music festival

2. The Aussies

The die hard Aussies, especially when the big day out is on Australia day you’ll be sure to see patriotic drunk Australian’s sporting their colours and getting amongst it.
australian working holiday music festival

1. The Film Crew

Everyone these days has got a smart phone and unless your battery is dead there’s a big chance you too will be apart of the film crew. Who needs lighters now when we have phones to light up the crowd!
film music festival
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