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The Perfect Weekend Road Trip | Victoria


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Whether you’re a free bird without the ties of a job or you have a long weekend off and you fancy a little bit of adventure, a mini road trip might be the ideal solution for a quick get away. It’s cheap, it’s fun and you get to pick some of your favourite people to go with you to share the memories with! Renting a car is pretty simple if you’re above 21 that is and have your drivers licence with you, booking a camper can be slightly more difficult especially in public holidays or peak times but still very Read more

5 Aussie Hostels You Need To Check Out!


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  Hostels are a HUGE part of the journey. It’s where you meet people who could easily become your next travel partner for the next however many months. It’s where you get to party the night away or chill in the tv rooms or get a cosy early night before a long productive day. It’s where you find out most of the ‘need to knows’ and ‘where to go’s’ for the destination you’re staying in from the friendly reception staff. It’s also probably one of the best places to book day trips and activities and hours through your hostel, you Read more

10 Signs You’re Getting Travellers “Itchy Feet”


  Not the kind of itchy feet where you need to see a doctor, I’m talking about the “itchy feet” you get when you feel the need to explore your horizons. Whether it being the complete start of your trip where you quit your job back home, pack a bag and hope to never return or if you’ve been on the go for a while and you want the feeling of turning up somewhere completely new where no soul knows your name or your story. So here’s a list of signs that you need to re-pack your bag and get Read more

Reasons To Love Melbourne


Melbourne is a little more than just a city, I reckon. I’ve been in Melbourne’s surrounding area on and off for the past year and I’ve never gotten bored of it. It has this atmosphere that keeps me constantly wanting to go back. I’ve seen other Australian cities during my travels such as Sydney, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Cairns, and Hobart but Melbs has something else going on. With it’s quirky vibe and so much going on you can’t not love Melbourne. During the summer months the city comes even more alive by putting on festivals and events that are mostly Read more

8 Places You Have To See in Tasmania


Oh Tasmania. Tasmania is one of, if not THE highlight of the last year or so that I’ve travelling around Australia. It’s beauty is so wild and fresh and it’s just an incredible place to see out of a car window with some of your favourite people. Last April I did a five day road trip around Tassie with my boyfriend and 2 friends with a little rented car which just about fitted us and our bags in. We flew into Hobart from Melbourne and did a round trip with 4 full days to play with. Here’s the places we Read more

20 Things That Seem Normal After Working on an Outback Cattle Station


We all want to do something exciting for our regional work right? I was quite lucky with mine as I split it into two jobs with the first being on a race horse stud farm near the Gold Coast and the other half about about 5 months later on a cattle station in the outback about 700k inland from Townsville. These are just some of the things that we’re considered normal everyday life whilst working on the station. 1. Your next door neighbour could be an hours drive away. No joke, the station we worked on was 167,000 acres. Next Read more

9 Types Of Backpackers You’ll Meet on Your Travels


After travelling on and off over the past few years I’ve come across a fair few hostels and the weird a wonderful types of travellers you find in them. Here’s a list of some of the typical backpacker stereotypes you’re likely to come across in your travels at some point.   1. The Newbie   So these guys are fresh travellers usually freaking out at the whole shared mixed sex dorm situation and whether their belongings are going to get nabbed every five minutes. If they’re on their own they are usually really quiet or totally in your face asking Read more