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I fell in love with another backpacker on the road - A Broken Backpack

My life was perfect. A solo backpacker, a single lady, a free spirit, a traveller without any strings, with a facility to “backwash” people from her life…

 I thought relationship and travelling was not a good fit. Being also a great romantic, I was secretly dreaming  about this possible scenario… perhaps, one day I could meet this charming backpacker who would change my mind.

Snap!  Life happens!  Australia (capital of new lovers) + my exoticism + that charming backpacker = My peaceful life is not peaceful anymore!

Here are the reasons why it has been so easy to let Cupid smashes me on the road:

  1. Travelling relationships are INTENSE!

All the relationships on the road are always intensified. This guy from your hostel will become your best mate, your travel buddy, your secret’s keeper for 24 hours and if you’re lucky, for a few more days! In this romantic scenario, these 24 hours are transformed into emotions, laughs, shared happiness and fears (yeah, nobody likes that dear goodbye’s part). In scenario A, the love-birds are going to take a different path, a flight back home or the fear of losing his precious freedom will win.  OR Scenario B explodes and the new couple decides to share adventures and passion.

Our story

I was in Sydney, nearly broke, I was looking for a travel buddy (or an hitchhiking partner) to get a job somewhere in Australia. With Facebook and his many groups of backpackers, it was so easy to write a post and get a response. So, I met online (and yes, through Facebook) this charming English backpacker.  After a few days planning our trips, Mister was already booking a train ticket to join me in Sydney. So we met a second time (in the “real life” this time) in Sydney’s Central Station. The next morning we bought a cheap car and we drove to Perth. Since that day, I share my life with this lovely guy. Mister became my “travel buddy”, my secret’s keeper, my best friend and my lover.

  1. Sharing Happiness (and the high cost of living!)

How many times have I thought that this moment / this place would be perfect to be shared while I was travelling solo? Well, sharing this kind of magic moment with your lover feel great! Bonus: the scene is romantic! If I have travelled solo more than once, I also know that sometimes loneliness catches us and it is more than pleasant to have some company. What’s the matter of seeing the most beautiful thing on Earth, if you have no one to share your joy with? Even if I (sometimes) become socially exhausted, I am so pleased that I have the opportunity to share my future memories with someone that I love.

  1. Having a «post»

I’m human (Why?) and sometimes I have my weakness’s moments; missing home, looking for comfort or dealing with the blues.  Having a “post” in my ​​discomfort zone makes it easier to manage! Plus, if everything changes around you, there is always this familiar friendly face hanging around. Having a “post” also means having the little push you need. Here are a few slices from our story:

  • Pitch a tent all over the road between Sydney and Perth

Result: We slept on a scorpion (poor little thing… or should I say, poor us?)

  • Find a job in the worst roadhouse ever around Perth

Result: we left this job with an SMS as a notice and the perfect excuse ( life is too short to be unhappy)

  • The famous 88 days of regional work

Result: My “post” was able to take care of my fear of spiders and my exhausted tears (Plus, I have a second year visa now! See how we survived to the regional work!)

  • Go on a road trip with plans in our minds

Result: To be broke again, for the third time

Two Backpackers VS 88 days
Two backpackers falling in Love

I fell in love with another backpacker and my Australian Adventure turns into a romance story.  Thanks to Cupid.


What about you? Did you ever fall in love with another backpacker?

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Hey guys! I'm Melissa! I am a backpacker since June 2014. I was supposed to travel for two months... So far, I never came back! I am originally from Quebec, but I am currently in Australia! Enjoying my working holiday visa, I am also a travel blogger. Find my tips / stories and learn how to travel like a broken nomad (or not!).

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  1. Naomi

    Nice story! I also fell in love with another backpacker. He’s english. Now we’re living together in Germany. Thank you Matt 😉


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