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Securing your 2nd Year Job is not the easiest process, it can be a very time consuming process and often frustrating. The key is to check job boards like ours regularly in conduction with visiting Rural areas. Below is a video of a Working Holiday Maker that had his 2nd Year visa cancelled as Immigration found out he’d paid $1000 for it to be signed off.

Watch the video and think again if you’re going to get your 2nd Visa Signed Off, it’s a real unfortunate situation but this is the risk you take when paying someone off to sign off your 88 days and of course you’re breaking the law.

Tips For Securing the “88 days” for your 2nd year visa


  • Check the Job Board Regularly
  • If you’re in a rural area, drive past the farms or contact the local recruitment agency. When you’re in the area your chances of securing employment are much higher
  • Get Job Alerts to know when the latest positions are posted on site so you can get your application in first.



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2 Responses to “Backpacker Pays $1000 for 2nd Year Visa”

  1. Sue Mazi

    Thank goodness these people are caught. But how many get through? If they allowed to fraudulently apply for a second visa it will finish this whole program the immigration has introduced to help us farmers. It is hard work on our farms with little pay but this regional work is important to backpackers and we thank the immigration for allowing this second visa. Next we need the Work And Holiday visa holders to be able to get their second visa.
    I also suggest that the immigration check the ethnic written websites for backpackers trying to buy their visas. I have translated some of them with just a web based translator and sometimes something dodgy can be found, even with the the translator not being the best. It doesn’t take a lot of brains to figure out what is happening……

    • rose

      hi Sue Mazi,We are a small farm [ 270 acres] mixed cattle sheep and orchard in the Perth Hills; We were very thankful to be able to get backpackers to work on our farm as many Aussies do not like to do part time rural work – and that is what we need – just part time help;

      unfortunately the second year visa requirement is for full time work ; so we used to create working projects for our WWOOFERS to fill out the hours requuired;

      However when the Govenment in their wisdom decided that WWOOFING was not acceptable for the SSECOND YEAR VISA [SYV] we had to revert to part time employmnet and this was not suitable for many backpackers wanting a SYV.


      Iknow one farmer who has becomebankrupt because of the lack of an affordable/ suitable labour force;


      OUR GOVERNEMENT IS STIFLING AGRICULTURE by these new laws and taxes and reqirements for our visiting young people to pay huge taxes.

      YOU have written about SCAMS from farmers but have failed to advertise the scams from individual! , and this GOVERNMENT! There are some who go around and steal and scam the farmers! there a lots! We had a pair of BELGIANS who started a fire, burned 50 acres of our property and while the firebrigade was here they stole my jewellery box with all my sentimental jewellery.- and proceeded to lie to the firebrigade and tell them we had not fed them so they could get free hamburgers! They were only allowed tostay on our farm because it was CHRISTMAS and they had told us a ‘sob’ story about how they ‘had nowhere to go’! WE FELT SO SORRY FOR THEM WE LET THEM STAY !

      THERE WAS A GIRL who lied toa farmer in HARVEY then came here to us and bad-mouthed the poor HARVEY farmer so that we feltsorry for her but when i rang her previous farmer i foiund out that it was she who had given the farmer a hardtime!

      BEWARE OF MALCONTENTS AND constant WHINGERS who travel around trying to get whatever sympathy can get for them – without working or giving nything in return!!!.
      this was the good part of the WWOOFING CULTURE WHICH has a wonderful philosophy of GIVING AND CRING FOR THE PLANET AND FOR EACH OTHER.


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