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New Year's Eve 2013 by the Harbour Bridge, Sydney
New Year’s Eve 2013 by the Harbour Bridge, Sydney

3 months and counting… Yup, the time has flown by. Already a quarter of the 1-year working holiday visa spent living by the beautiful Bondi Beach, Sydney.  But that has come to an end; on to new adventures and meeting new people. I’m heading out of the city to complete some of the infamous “fruit picking” work you hear amongst working holiday makers – complete 88 days of regional work and you can be eligible for another year on the working holiday visa. Why wouldn’t you? Another year in paradise?! Done.

About Me

I’m Krista.. Recent uni graduate from Canada, who decided to take a year off and travel this beautiful country down under – before getting back to “real life” and finding a full-time career. It’s my first time ever backpacking, and so far has been a thrill. As mentioned above, I’ve spent my time here around the Sydney area. We – I’m travelling with one of my oldest and closest friends, arrived during a really crappy, rainy week in mid-November. Since then, we’ve managed to see most of the sights, learn to surf at SurfCamp, move into an apartment literally 2 minutes from the sands of Bondi, found some casual work around the city, and met some great people who’ve become good friends.


The stories aren’t all fabulous though, like that time I had a job over Australia day weekend and the owners told me after working that they could only pay me under minimum wage.. on a weekend, and holiday at that! But things that are less than ideal are bound to happen during my travels. It’s all how you deal with them that counts, right? Right.  So as much as I would absolutely love to stay here, part of the plan of travelling wasn’t to settle in… Now we are leaving in a day for fruit picking. Follow me on this adventure and the stories (good and bad) sure to come out of it, and the ones I have yet to share about my time in Sydney. Please always feel free to comment and interact through this blog! It will make it a lot more interesting and fun for everyone 🙂 Share your experiences and stories  – I know we all have a few!! 😉


Cheers till next time




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  1. Meghan Lewis

    Really glad I stumbled upon your blog! I’m traveling to Australia in two months on a work holiday visa and it’ll be my first time backpacking for longer than two months. Look forward to reading more of your posts though and thanks for all the great information 🙂


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