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According to an article published by ABC online the Australian Government is “reconsidering” the “backpacker tax”. This issue has been a hot topic for the past several months. Backpackers have had their say completing our working holiday tax survey and completing the NFF Petition. ( Check backpacker tax survey results)

After mounting pressure from Rural, Agriculture and Tourism industry stakeholders it seems the message is getting across.

Tourism Minister Speaks

The Tourism Minister Senator Richard Colbeck told ABC Online he would head a cross-departmental review of the tax.

“Legitimate concerns have been raised about the impact the so called backpacker tax would have on our global competitiveness as a backpacker destination,” Senator Richard Colbeck said.

“The backpacker workforce is vital to two of our key super growth sectors — agriculture and tourism.

“We have therefore decided that the proposed tax arrangements require further discussions to ensure Australia does not lose market share in backpacker visitation.

“We will work to prepare a revenue neutral proposal in consultation with Employment, Immigration, Agriculture and Industry Ministers that can be presented to the Treasurer for consideration by Cabinet in relation to the measure.”

He said backpackers would still be taxed but the committee would look at other measures to ensure there was no negative impact.

“The key issue is creating a Tax Advantage Status for workers on a particular visa,” Senator Colbeck said.

Useful Link

To see the abc online article please visit this link.

Please also read this article as featured on ABC re the backpacker tax.

If you haven’t already please complete both the working holiday tax survey and the NFF Petition..

Every voice counts.

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