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members ask us every day, what is the best way to transfer money between Australia and back home? After being asked time and time again we realised how little Working Holiday Makers actually know about transferring money internationally. We’ve decided to get to the bottom of it, Banks v World First FX: what is best for you.

We believe the average Working Holiday Maker spends $13,000 during their time in Australia, ( 8,500 euro & 7,000 pounds) so we’ve done the calculations to see how much money you would save sending the money over with a leading Foreign Exchange Provider such as World First versus the traditional banks. Here’s a Snapshot of the results, check the full results below.

Savings Summary


Amount Member Savings
 5000 GBP  $320
 5000 EURO  $280
 10,000 GBP  $650
 10,000 EUR  $570

World First offer the same security that a bank does and we deal in all major currencies via our award winning online platform or over the phone/email through your own personal dealer. Their friendly staff will answer your call within 3 rings and are open 24/7 to assist with any enquiries you may have.

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Full Calculations

Below is a full breakdown of the workings that we used to show how much you’ll save sending money to Australia. Rates were taken on the 15th of January 2014 an are constantly changing. If you have questions about Foreign Exchange please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can steer you in the right direction.

If you send 5,000 GBP

Bank X World First
 Transfer Fee  $30  $0
 AUD/GBP Exch. Rate *  0.5203  0.5395
 GBP 5,000  AUD 9,600  AUD 9,280
 Money Saved  $0  AUD 320


If you send 10,000 GBP

Bank X World First
Transfer Fee $30 $0
 AUD/GBP Exchange Rate *  0.5203  0.5395
 GBP 10,000  AUD 19,230  AUD 18,580
 Money Saved  $0  $650


If you send 5,000 EUR

Bank X World First
 Transfer Fee  $30  $0
 AUD/EUR Exchange Rate *  0.6255  0.6485
 EUR 5,000  AUD 7,990  AUD 7,710
 Money Saved  $0  AUD 280


If you send 10,000 EUR

Bank X World First
 Transfer Fee  $30  $0
 AUD/EUR Exchange Rate *  0.6255  0.6485
 EUR 10,000  AUD 15,990  AUD 15,420
 Money Saved  $0  AUD 570

*Rates Subject to Change

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