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If you’re anything into photography and just about to dive deep into the buzzing atmosphere of Victorias capital, this roundup will give you the right hints to capture most of its highlights picture perfect.
Melbourne is certainly known for its great coffee, arty attitude, alternative suburbs and, of course, for driving the traveler mad with it’s ever unpredictable weather. They say you get 4 seasons within a single day and it’s almost true. So make sure to layer up. But given all this, where should you drag your camera to capture the very essence of this city when you are short on time? Well, there you go:

1. Eureka Skydeck

Located on the city’s highest building, the EUREKA Skydeck is famous for its spectacular 360° views. High above on the 88st floor and after a 38 sec elevator ride, the photographer’s eye will be more than just pleased. This is the place to go for great night and sunset shots of the skyline (tripods are welcome too). Just be aware that you will have to deal with a lot of reflections in the windows, but it’s worth to wait for the right moment and strike a great image. The brave amongst you will also enjoy to risk a step outside of the actual building to The Edge Experience, having the city right beneath your feet through a floor of glass. If you’re a bit more concerned about safety, you can still have a cool experience on the terrace, where you can feel the cold wind blowing over the bay. The Skydeck is open from 10am to 10pm (last admission 9:30pm), a 19.50$ entrance fee, 15$ when you’re a student, will be charged but is totally worth it as long you’re not afraid of heights.


2. Hosier Lane, CBD

This little street in close proximity to famous Federation Square (make sure to stop by as well, great for architecture!) and Flinders Station is an ever evolving street art gallery, exhibitions change daily. Amongst the random tags of brief visitors, you’ll be able to spot great pieces of art. Also you’ll probably be able to watch an artist emptying his spray cans and have a decent chat. Come around mid-day to get the best color contrast for your shots.

3. Brighton Beach

This southern beach is well known for its posh inhabitants and its colorful beach huts (worth a shot too). Furthermore you’ll get a decent view on the Melbourne skyline from it’s breakwater amongst the local fishermen. Absolutely great at sunset. Bring your tripod and a sandwich.

4. St Kilda Penguins

The suburb of St Kilda is probably my favourite neighbourhood. Interesting characters, a quiet park and good food are located on one of the city’s nicest beaches. There’s even a picturesque little amusement park with a wooden roller coaster! During the day you can watch the kite surfers in front of the city’s skyline. But the actual attraction is the penguin colony inhabiting the breakwater all year long. If you want to see penguins and don’t want to take the trip to Philip Island, this is your place to go. This very species is one of worlds smallest and you’ll be able to spot them right after sunset when they return to their burrows between the rocks. A dedicated team of local volunteers makes sure that they don’t get disturbed and will give you a decent heads up when you happen to use your camera’s flash. 😉

5. Fitzroy Neighbourhood

To the north-east of CBD lies Melbourne’s most artistic and alternative suburb. Beautiful old buildings house a variety of galleries, music-, burger and craft beer shops (don’t miss out on Forester’s Beer Hall with its 52 beers from tap plus great pizza). Little oddities like an old-fashioned barber shop with an integrated high-class tobaccoria add to this even more. Have a look into the little roads leading away from the main streets to discover impressive street art.

Bonus Spot – Federation Square


Now grab your camera and head out into the city! When you find some great spots too, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments.
Have fun out there.

Photos by Oliver Koch, all rights reserved. Website | Facebook page

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