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Fruit Picking Scam

Con artist have once again taken advantage of working holiday makers, this time in Narrogin, Western Australia. Promising backpacker jobs / farm work the “employer” provided a bogus address and requested up front payment from the job seekers. Jobs scam are not uncommon anywhere in the world.

Working Holiday Makers Report Scam

It has been reported that many working holiday visa holders contacted Consumer Protection and the Town of Narrogin after responding to an online advertisement on the site Gumtree.

Narrogin Mayor Speaks

The “employer” used a fake name of Harris Ballard, which also shares the surname of the Mayor Leigh Ballard. The mayor went on to say that working holiday makers should be very suspicious of employers that request an immediate bond up from and a big fee for securing the job. In the recent mildura fruit picking scam the accommodation provider was asking for a $450 fee to secure a job.
The mayor went on to say that as his surname was invovled the office received many a call which were informed that this was infact a scam.

Backpacker Jobs

Backpackers are often targeted by suspect operators in Australia. This can mean unfair working conditions, illegal pay rates, illegal accommodation conditions. If you are ever suspect about a position don’t be scared to ask a friend their opinion. If you feel as if its a scam contact the fair work ombudsman or contact us and we can post it on the Working Holiday Jobs Australia Facebook page to see if others were affected.

Were You Affected

Did you try secure a job at this “Narrogin Employment Agency” ? Did you deposit the $200? Please contact us so we can share your experience in the article and please also contact fair work australia.

Report A Scam

If you have been scammed you should report the crime to your local police office and also get in contact with Fair Work Australia. Please also make people aware of the situation by posting the information in our fruit picking scam forum or letting us know.

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