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7 Big Surprises I Got When Travelling Australia



Hardly classified as being off the beaten track in terms of backpacker tourism, I was pretty sure I’d know most things about Australia before I got here. I mean English-speaking, part of the Commonwealth and similar culturally and economically to the UK, what could I have been in the dark about? Turns out quite a bit! Here are 7 big surprises I got when travelling Australia. 1. That Winter Exists Down Under That’s right, not only do winters exist here, but they are cold too. I know, cold! This is especially true down in Victoria or South Australia where daytime temperatures Read more

4 Must Do Activities at Phillip Island


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Located less than 2 hours south of Melbourne, Phillip Island is a perfect destination to relax for a couple of days. Phillip Island has everything for the backpacker looking for things to do or for the working holiday makers quick get away! Beautiful beaches, nature walks, local fauna and sightseeing, helicopter flights. Here’s a list for you of some of the best things to do on Phillip Island for an amazing weekend!     4. Soak up the nature Like the rest of Australia, Phillip Island has many National Parks and offers a lot of different beautiful nature walks. There’s various Read more