4 Must Do Activities at Phillip Island


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Located less than 2 hours south of Melbourne, Phillip Island is a perfect destination to relax for a couple of days. Phillip Island has everything for the backpacker looking for things to do or for the working holiday makers quick get away! Beautiful beaches, nature walks, local fauna and sightseeing, helicopter flights. Here’s a list for you of some of the best things to do on Phillip Island for an amazing weekend!     4. Soak up the nature Like the rest of Australia, Phillip Island has many National Parks and offers a lot of different beautiful nature walks. There’s various Read more

8 Ways To Travel From A to B And Have Fun


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There’s a million ways to travel and the only person who knows the answer is you, right now, in this moment! People ask how to travel correctly? The answer is simply – There’s is no right or wrong way! Whether it`s driving with your own car, hitch hiking, cycling, sailing or walking. There is no limit in options . The only question should be: “How can I sample many experiences, have fun and develop myself as much as possible on this journey?” Here’s 8 ways out of a million ways how you can get from A to B.   1.Buying Read more

8 Things You Will Cherish While Backpacking


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Travelling and working in Australia will be some of your greatest memories. Your Adventure will bring up and downs along the way, we’ve compiled a list of 8 things that will bring a smile on your face during your journey downunder.   8 Things You Will Cherish While Backpacking Australia   1) Sleeping in hostels, a bottom bunk is key, because who really wants to stumble up to the top bunk at 3am in a dark room full of 10 other people. 2) Finding Shampoo in the shower can often make your night! 3) Not having to drink goon because Read more

We rely on backpackers: Gaeta



Orange’s horticulture industry would grind to a halt if it wasn’t for the work of backpackers picking fruit every season, according to orchardist Guy Gaeta. Mr Gaeta said in recent years the numbers of local people and travelling seasonal workers willing to slog it out in the fields picking fruit had dwindled and working holiday visa holders had picked up the slack. “If it wasn’t for backpackers most of Australia’s horticultural crops wouldn’t be picked,” he said. “They are willing to do any type of work … and they’re really trustworthy. “Years ago a lot of seasonal workers travelled around Read more