5 Reasons why you should NOT skip the Blue Mountains



Two years ago I stepped off the plane at Sydney International Airport and made my first official footprints on Australian soil. As I was greeted by sunshine and warm, salty air, I also noticed several glossy airport billboards showcasing typical tourist landmarks. In between a glorified depiction of Sydney’s skyline at night and a close-up of the Opera House, there was a giant photograph of The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains. I had never heard of The Three Sisters before but for several moments I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Their jagged, rocky edges were highlighted by Read more

The Blue Mountains: Essential DIY Tours and Information


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The famous Blue Mountains: breathtaking views, surrounding nature, it seems to be the ideal destination for a one-day experience. Only 2 hours from the city, the place is far enough to escape the busy Sydney CBD and dive into a complete different atmosphere. This is an absolutely must-do trip for all working holiday visa holders that comes to Sydney, and you probably agree with that, but I know people who have been living there for years and have never visited this magical place! So for all of you who are still not sure if it’s worth it or not, let Read more