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My Australian Experience: Ups & Downs


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So you’ve booked your flights, saved up your travel money, said your goodbyes, and your now heading on your way to Australia for a trip of a lifetime. The brochures suggest nothing but fun, new friends, famous land marks, valuable life experiences, sunshine, and great opportunities to earn whilst you travel. Is this the actual reality though? By and large, yes. Australia has not only brought me special memories of visiting some of the most fascinating places on earth with like minded people. It has also taught me valuable life lessons, from finding work in a strange new city, to Read more

Know Your Rights on Your Working Holiday

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So you’re in a foreign country, everything is different and suddenly you have questions about your employment, well you’re not the only one. Over the past 2 years the Fair Work Ombudsman in Australia as received 230 complaints in the Fruit Picking Sector, as a result of these complaints $80,000 was recovered for 107 workers. Around one third of these these workers were on a “ Working Holiday Downunder”.  This is just the Fruit Picking Sector, so there’s going to be a lot more complaints and queries in the much larger sectors. From our view at Working Holiday Jobs Australia Read more