Rainbow Beach Sinkhole : Swallows Car & Caravan


Approximately 150 people were evacuated on Saturday evening from popular backpacker, working holiday visa holder and tourist destination Rainbow beach. Typically the first point of call before visiting Fraser Island this popular destination is know for it’s beautiful beach and laid back atmosphere. Sometime on Saturday massive sinkhole opened, the size of a football field , a caravan, swallowing a car,a camping trailer and some tents. If you want to get precise the sinkhole was 150 metres long and 50 metres wide… .wow! Crazy! According to channel 7 a nearby fisherman said there was a noise and the next thing Read more

8 Really Wild Encounters Around Australia


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Australia is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife and surprisingly it is a lot more accessible that you might think. Each state has something to offer so no matter where you end up in the vast country there is always something exciting to see, beautiful to photograph and ultimately make everyone at home green with envy! Here are a few choice picks around the country to add to the wild encounters wish list. 1. Whalesharking in Exmouth, WA Whalesharks are the largest fish in the ocean, occasionally reaching the grand length of around 18m, but generally about 12m Read more