5 Aussie Hostels You Need To Check Out!


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  Hostels are a HUGE part of the journey. It’s where you meet people who could easily become your next travel partner for the next however many months. It’s where you get to party the night away or chill in the tv rooms or get a cosy early night before a long productive day. It’s where you find out most of the ‘need to knows’ and ‘where to go’s’ for the destination you’re staying in from the friendly reception staff. It’s also probably one of the best places to book day trips and activities and hours through your hostel, you Read more

One Month In “The Cross”


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I cant really get into my month in the Cross before briefly explaining what brought me to Australia in the first place. My name is Matt, I’m 25, and I moved here from Southern California in August of last year. Finished school back home (for the most part) got into an industry I loved, and got comfortable at a job. Worked at a… I have an idea, lets skip the boring stuff and get to the meat of this topic. Long story short, I got complacent, panicked, and bought a working holiday visa and a one-way to Sydney with one Read more