And They Say Irish are Crazy… They’ve Legalised Drugs


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Do you know any Irish people back home or on a working holiday visa? Aren’t they all the craic and great banter. Well they’ve taken it to a new “big high” in the motherland, they’ve temporally legalised class A drugs in ireland. An emergency session of parliament has been called to pass legislation to recriminalise the drugs which is to be held today or tomorrow in Ireland. Article 15 of the Irish constitution stipulates that the Oireachtas ( Irish parliament) has the sole privilege of creating new laws. This is completely true and not some St Patricks day bar story! Read more

GAA Clubs in Australia



With ten of thousands of Irish in Australia each year on Working Holidays there’s no better way to get rid of the home sick feeling than joining one of the many GAA clubs in Australia. The list below has each Gaelic games club located in Australia. If you think we’ve missed any please let us know. It will give you something to do when you’re not looking for a backpacker job or fruit picking work.   GAA Clubs in ACT   Canberra Gaels   GAA Clubs in New South Wales   Australian Meath Club Central Coast Clan na Gael GFC Read more