7 Wildlife Encounters in Australia You Can’t Miss


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Australia is a country bursting at the seams with wildlife encounters and zoos begging for your backpacker dollar. Below are some of the key ones that I’ve encountered on my working holiday so far and my honest opinion on each one – should you be looking for something other than the shiny leaflet in the tourist office that is! 1. AQWA – Perth, Western Australia WA’s aquarium in Perth may initially look like a standard run of the mill aquarium the same as anywhere else, however the knowledgeable staff there really make it a full day’s outing to remember, and Read more

Kangaroos, A must see video



Have you ever wanted to see a wildlife encounter or a kangaroo? Well here is two things you’ve never seen happen in the same place.     1. Two Kangaroos being Kangaroos   You won’t believe what happens next.