9 Essential Items You Will Forget To Pack on Your Australian Working Holiday


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Once the big decision is made to up sticks and take up the exciting and sometimes daunting life of a backpacker suddenly there are lots of things to consider, packing is of course not the most glamorous or exciting element. Have you got enough pants? How many bikinis are too many? They sell shampoo there, why bother stocking up before leaving? Who needs a jumper, Australia is hot all the time right? And so the liturgy continues – however there are some items that are truly essential which often slip the mind due to their more mundane nature, or perhaps Read more

10 Things You Need To Know About Scooters in Thailand


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Driving a scooter in Thailand is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get around, especially on the Islands. It’s easy enough to arrange a rental, just show them your passport, pay and drive off. Still, there are a few facts you should consider before renting. You need a good scooter. Check tyres, breaks, if anything is bent, take pictures of cracks and scratches. If you don’t do that, they might screw you over and make you pay repairs. Even worse, you can’t break or steer properly and put yourself (and others) in danger.   Go around and compare Read more