24 Irish to be deported over roof scam


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It is reported that a group of 24 Irish people ( some working holiday visa holders) are located in a Western Australian detention centre awaiting deportation after seven of them were apart of an alleged roofing and repair scams.   Two boys, both aged 17 and 5 men were arrested yesterday over accusations they had been posing as employees of an actual roof repair business. Their aim was to rip off elderly residents in the suburbs of Perth.   Police intervene   Police said on Friday a further 19 Irish nationals, all women and children, had been detained by the Read more

Backpacker Scams: Paid $1.35 An Hour!


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A Tasmanian business is now in the spotlight after allegations about paying staff as little as $1.35 per hour in Queenstown Tasmania. The matter is currently before the courts and highlights the importance of doing your research and knowing your rights when applying for a working holiday job and beware of potential backpacker scams.   What Fair Work Australia Reports   Fair Work Australia representative Craig Bildstein was quoted saying “We allege that the employer was recruiting working holiday makers wanting to stay in Australia for a second year, but substantially underpaying their minimum lawful entitlements.   We will put Read more

Know Your Rights on Your Working Holiday

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So you’re in a foreign country, everything is different and suddenly you have questions about your employment, well you’re not the only one. Over the past 2 years the Fair Work Ombudsman in Australia as received 230 complaints in the Fruit Picking Sector, as a result of these complaints $80,000 was recovered for 107 workers. Around one third of these these workers were on a “ Working Holiday Downunder”.  This is just the Fruit Picking Sector, so there’s going to be a lot more complaints and queries in the much larger sectors. From our view at Working Holiday Jobs Australia Read more