5 Lessons You Learn While Overseas


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The world is a place full of experiences to be had and things to learn. But not everything we learn comes from the places we visit but rather in the way we visit them and the journey we go on ourselves. If you’ve ever left the comforts of home, you will relate to these! 5. Crying is ok Whether it is seeing a concentration camp from the Holocaust or you have, ahem, ‘something in your eye’, travelling anywhere gives you the freedom to express yourself, often more than you would in your home town. Maybe that’s because you are able Read more

3 Reasons Why Travelling Alone is Better


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There is a certain excitement that goes hand in hand with getting together with a couple of friends and jetting off to see the world. Having said that, the excitement that comes from jetting off on your own can be just as strong and enrich your life more. Having travelled with people and by myself, I have found a number of perks that only arise if you are travelling alone.   Cutting Costs   The first perk is cost. I understand a lot can be said for ‘pay one person, get the second one half price’, but opportunity lends itself Read more