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Australia has been my dream destination since I was a kid, and I guess it’s understandable: it is pretty much as far as you can go from Finland, and in Oz they have cute and exotic animals such as koala bears, kangaroos and apparently also penguins (I’m not leaving before I see those)! Growing up, I wasn’t really sure how I’d end up in Australia, but I knew eventually I would. I got my chance when I was traveling in South-East Asia for 3 months, tired of the backpacking and moving constantly from one place to another, but not yet ready to go home.

When you have a chance for even a small change, take it. When you think about it, what is the worst thing that could happen when leaving home? You can always go back. Probably you don’t want to.

Seize The Opportunity

I had had the option of doing a working holiday visa in the back of my head for a good few years, but there was always other things that came up. And trust me, there will always be reasons for not leaving everything behind and taking a leap to the unknown. You have a job, a relationship, too many friends, too good parties, or maybe your couch is simply too comfy…The secret to learning and getting new experiences is: get up and get going. You will always have to leave something behind to find something great in front of you. It might not be what you expected or hoped for, but it will in any case be something magnificent! (I have not yet done any fruit picking, so this statement might slightly change after time.)

I left everything back in Finland to first escape the winter, but I decided to see how far the road takes me instead of going back to the life I know. We shall see what adventures I encounter ‘Down Under’ hope you enjoy the ride! Greetings from sunny, warm and friendly Melbourne!
So when given the chance, seize the moment, get a backpackers working holiday visa and visit Australia!


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