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Mission Beach

A delightful little village in tropical north Queensland, Mission Beach is a must see destination on your way up Australia’s east coast. Feeling more like Asia than Australia, in many ways, the lovely little beach shacks and coconut palms that line this stretch of beach are well worth stopping to explore. 2 / 3 days is probably a great amount of time to spend in Mission Beach, so here’s a list of 5 great things to do and see to get the best out of your time here.

5. Kayak Dunk Island

Cleary visible directly off the beach at Mission is the protected Dunk Island, a tiny national park in the ocean that offers some fantastic hiking and snorkelling opportunities. The best part of Dunk Island however is probably the journey there. Taking a kayak tour from Mission Beach all the way to Dunk really is a truly fab experience, making your time on the island all the sweeter when you do get there.

4. Walk to Wongaling

Contrary to popular belief, Mission Beach doesn’t sit by itself – this small community is actually part of a string of 4 villages that dot a stunning patch of 15km coastline. The other villages are also well worth seeing so, from Mission, why not enjoy a stroll down the beach to the neighbouring spot of Wongaling Beach. Alternatively, you can head in the other direction to Bingil Bay. Both places offer some great cafes and interesting attractions, with stunning coastal view along the way.

3. Spot a Cassowary

A huge flightless bird, with a prehistoric third claw that can deliver some serious damage to another on the wrong side of it, the cassowary is an animal it’s hard to believe still exists. But it does, albeit only within small pockets of habitation in north Queensland. The area around Mission Beach has one of the largest colonies of cassowaries in the world so, any time you’re driving into, out of, or around town, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these incredible and endangered animals.

2. Visit the Chocolate Factory

Set in the heat of the tropics, Mission Beach and the surrounding area is known for its tropical fruit growing, including pineapples, coconuts, lychees and mangos. New kid on the block is cocoa – the delicious bean used to make chocolate. You can learn how they make it, and also get to try some of the yummy product, by visiting the Mission Beach factory. This is a very different and unique experience to enjoy during your time here.

1. SkyDive

Promising views of the Great Barrier Reef and a tropical beach landing every time, skydiving Mission Beach is an opportunity hard to pass up. Probably the most famous place to jump out of plane in Australia, this is the reason many backpackers make the pilgrimage to Mission Beach and it shouldn’t be missed. So bite the bullet, get your adrenaline-racing and tick this one off your bucket list here.

So there you have it, the top 5 things to do in Mission Beach, Hopefully you’ll enjoy  your visit to this gorgeous beach town as much as me!

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