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Where can I change my avatar?

We use something called gravatar to generate our avatars. Gravatar is short for globally recognised avatar. Register to gravatar (with the same email that you use for your account here) and upload your photo to the service and you will automatically find your avatar generate across WorkingHolidayJobs.com.au.

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How can I edit my profile?

1. To manage you profile hover over your user tab in the top right corner of the site. From the dropdown menu choose “Profile”


Edit your profile



2. To manage your user profile you can also click “ Profile” on the user dashboard which is located within the job board.


Edit Your Profile in the Dashboard within the job board.



3. Here you can update how you’re seen within the community by changing your display name, nickname, bio info. You’re also able to change your password, add your facebook and twitter profiles.


Profile page
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How can I upload my resume?

1. To upload your resume click “ My Resume” on the user dashboard which is located within the job board. ( Pic 1)

2. To activate your resume you will need to edit at least 1 field and update the change. To edit your resume information click “ edit “ next to the area you would like to change. (Pic 3)

3. When you’re happy with your changes click “ Save & Close” and you’ll be taken back to your “ Resume” page where you can repeat the process for another field. Your resume will now be active for potential employers and recruiters to see.

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