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Victorian RSA Certificate
For staff selling, offering or serving liquor for general, on-premises, late night and packaged liquor licences the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificates is mandatory. Staff and Licensees that meet mandatory RSA requirements have one month from the date on which they first sell, offer for sale or serve liquor on the licensed premises to complete an RSA program.

Can the Victorian RSA Certificate be done Online

Unfortunately not! If you’re on a working holiday you will have to do your rsa training face to face to work will the sale of alcoholic beverages in alcohol. If you find a job you can start working behind the bar but you must complete your RSA certificate within 30 days of beginning work. Whether you’re in Melbourne or Bendigo, the training course will need to be done.

How much is a Victorian RSA Certificate

The Victorian RSA certificate is not as cheap as other states which allow online RSA training. The typical cost for training is around $35-$55 dollars and will take around 6 hours. You can find the full list of RSA providers at the Victorian RSA Certificate or simply below.

How is my Victorian RSA Certificate Delivered

As the Victorian RSA certificate can be completed online providers can easily mail out the Vic RSA certificate. While others complete classroom/face-face courses can get it after the course is completed.

Extra Requirements

Training providers are required by law to verify your identity. It may require just as much ID as your working holiday visa application.This may be done by uploading your identification via the training providers internal system( should work with most providers) There was a new law effective 1 January 2015 that require all RSA certificate students to have a “USI” which means training providers must obtain this information by law. This is typically done during the registration process.

Refresher Victorian RSA Courses

This will rarely occur as people with working holiday jobs are typically in Australia for under 2 years. In the case you obtain permanent residency or take your second year visa same years later you can do a refresh course to keep your RSA certificate active. ( Refresher courses needed every 3 years)

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Below is A Full List of Accredited Trainers in Victoria