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RSA Certificates
The Queensland government has made it mandatory for all staff working with alcoholic beverages to complete an RSA course. These courses provide skills in handling difficult situations, for example, recognising the signs of alcohol intoxication and provide solutions or methods to handle situations.

There’s many training providers that can train you to pass the RSA course. If you are qualified from back home it doesn’t matter, all working holiday makers and backpackers who wish to work with alcohol must complete this course to work with alcohol in Queensland.


How much is a QLD RSA Certificate

Like the NT RSA course the Queensland one can be as cheap as $7.99! This will accredate you a certificate that’s only valid in the Queensland. If you only fancy a working holiday job up north checkout the hospitality institute of Australia for these cheap courses. Otherwise you have the option of nationally accredited courses which can cost $55.

How is my QLD RSA Certificate Delivered

As you can complete your QLD RSA certificate online training providers can simply mail your certificate to you.

Extra Requirements

From the beginning of 2015 everyone undertaking nationally recognised training in Australia must have a unique student identifier. During your course enrolment process you will be asked to provide a USI or you will be given the option to allow the provider to apply for one on your behalf.

Refresher RSA Courses

A rare instance, this situation won’t occur too often as working holiday makers are typically in Australia for less than 2 years. In the case you obtain permanent residency or take your second year visa same years later you can do a refresh course to keep your rsa certificate active. The Office of Regulatory Services (ORS), enquires that all persons employed in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) must complete refresher training or redo a full RSA course every three years.

Check Other States Requirements

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Below is A Full List of Accredited Trainers in QLD