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RSA Certificates
The Tasmanian government requires all staff that work with alcohol to have an RSA certificate. The requirements are quite that little bit more stringent that means some cheaper online RSA course alternatives are not accepted in Tasmania.

Can the Tasmania RSA Certificate be done Online

The Tasmanian RSA course can be done online. This means if you have your backpacker shoes on before your working holiday begins you can be certified to serve alcohol in Tasmania. It is required by legislation that you have a rsa certificate if you want to serve alcoholic beverages in Tasmania.

How much is a Tasmania RSA Certificate

The Tasmanian RSA certificate is not as cheap as other states which allow online RSA training. There’s no $7.99 options but most courses are around $55 and will be nationally accredited for the other online states. You can find the full list of rsa providers at the Tasmanian Treasury and Finance or simply below.

How is my Tasmanian RSA Certificate Delivered

As the Tas RSA certificate is completed online providers will mail out the certificate. Some do classroom/face-face courses so you’re more than able to pick it up after your complete the course in person.

Extra Requirements

Training providers are required by law to verify your identity. This may be done by uploading your identification via the training providers internal system( should work with most providers) There was a new law effective 1 January 2015 that require all RSA certificate students to have a “USI” which means training providers must obtain this information by law. This is typically done during the registration process.

Refresher Tasmanian RSA Courses

This situation won’t occur too often as people with working holiday jobs are typically in Australia for under 2 years. In the case you obtain permanent residency or take your second year visa same years later you can do a refresh course to keep your rsa certificate active.

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Below is A Full List of Accredited Trainers in Tasmania