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    Mariana Gomez

    I am need to do my tax return as my bank account is getting very low :(. I’ve heard some tax agents can charge as much as 11% of your refund…. Does that mean if my refund is meant to be $2500 they will charge me $275 to do my tax!! Isn’t that a bit expensive?

    What options can you recommend? Thanks a heap!

    Lizza Larsson

    Hey Mariana,

    I did my first tax refund by my self and got around $400 back and it was a lot of work 🙁

    This time I am doing it with tax elite via the offer here at working holiday jobs:



    Hi Guys,

    Mariana you’re right, some agents charge a % based system while other charge a fixed fee. You should check out our Tax Refund Comparrison page to give you a clearer idea.

    Tax Refund Comparison

    Lizza, great stuff, hope it goes really well for you, it’s definitely the cheapest offering on the market and Tax Elite have been doing returns since August 2000.

    Would love to know how you both get on.



    Norbert Gombos

    Perfect, I will keep this in mind when I’m doing my Tax Refund 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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