Backpacker Tax Proposal Updated


The Australian Government has backed down on it’s controversial backpacker tax changing the rate to 19%. What do you think about the back down? The government has also increased the passenger levy for backpackers, you will be slugged $5 extra when you leave the country. WHV Age has been increased to 35 and the working holiday visa fee has been dropped by $50. The tax will still have to get through the senate and it remains to be seen if Labour will support the tax, if not they may face trouble getting through. Summary of the backpacker tax proposal -19% Read more

Backpacker Tax: The Government Wants To Hear From You


The Australian Government has now opened it’s ears and is accepting submissions from the public in regards to the backpacker tax. This is your chance to have your voice heard. All submissions will be read by the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and the Australian Government. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu have been engaged to asssit with the process.   What is the backpacker tax?   Every dollar earned by working holiday makers will be subject to a 32.5% tax. ( Right now the first $18,000 WHM earnt is exempt from tax and WHM are tax as like Australians)   What your voice means Read more

Backpacker Tax Election Update


With the Australian Election this Saturday working holiday makers are wondering where they stand re the “Backpacker Tax”.     The Current Situation   The backpacker tax will be “deferred” until January 1 2016. ( Meaning you don’t have to pay the 32.5% backpacker tax and the first $18,000 you earn’t during the 15/16 financial year will be under the tax free threshold if you are considered a resident for tax purposes.) We Believe the deferral will be for the whole financial year ( July 1 2016-June 30 2017) as it will be too hard to police pre & post Read more

Backpacker Tax Decision Made


The Assistant Treasure Kelly O’Dwyer has today announced that there will be a form delay of the backpacker tax for 6 months while a complete review will be undertaken.   The Certainties   You can keep working until December 31, 2016 with the tax free threshold on your side. ( Meaning you don’t have to pay the 32.5% backpacker tax, the first $18,000 you earn will be under the tax free threshold) ( We would almost be confident in saying this will be until June 30th 2017. This is an educated guess on our behalf. Our point of view here Read more

Still No Official Decision on the Backpacker Tax


With the double dissolution election announced for July 2nd time is running out for the government to make an official statement regarding the implementation of the backpacker Tax. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce was quizzed on the backpacker tax at a press conference at 3pm on Sunday July 8th. Senator Joyce’s response to the tax was “We are still working on the matter and are confident a resolution will be found” .     #NEWS @Barnaby_Joyce says he's confident a resolution will be found on the backpacker tax @NationalFarmers #auspol — Colin James Bettles (@ColinJBettles) Read more

Government To Make Decision on Backpacker Tax


The Honourable Senator Richard Colbeck has been working with Austrade investigating the affects of the proposed Backpacker Tax. The deadline for this recommendation to be submitted to government is April 6th 2016, we will be updating this post throughout the day with the latest updates.   What We Know   May 2015 – Government Announces Backpacker Tax In Budget Jan-Feb 2016 – Farming & Tourism Stakeholders begin to ramp up their protests against the tax and the wider harm it will have on the Australian Economy Feb 2016 – 5,000 Working Holiday Jobs members fill out the backpacker tax survey Read more

Government To Reconsider Backpacker Tax


According to an article published by ABC online the Australian Government is “reconsidering” the “backpacker tax”. This issue has been a hot topic for the past several months. Backpackers have had their say completing our working holiday tax survey and completing the NFF Petition. ( Check backpacker tax survey results) After mounting pressure from Rural, Agriculture and Tourism industry stakeholders it seems the message is getting across.   Tourism Minister Speaks   The Tourism Minister Senator Richard Colbeck told ABC Online he would head a cross-departmental review of the tax. “Legitimate concerns have been raised about the impact the so Read more

Working Holiday Visa Tax Survey


The Federal Government has shown it could be prepared to rethink an increase to new “backpacker tax“. Assistant Agriculture Minister Anne Ruston stated that she recognises concerns about looming labour shortages amid a downturn in working holiday makers to Australia. There is a survey below and results will be going directly Senator Anne Ruston’s office. Please share your opinions on the proposed “backpacker tax”, good, bad or neutral. Summary   Every dollar you earn will be taxed at 32.5%. Therefore the hourly rate you are quoted by employer divide that by 3, roughly a third goes to the Australian Government Read more

Government Proposes Huge Increase to Backpacker Tax

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  The 2015 government budget is out, typically something for everyday Australian’s to worry about but this year is completely different. A provision has been placed that will affect working holiday makers from July 1 2016. All 417 and 462 working holiday makers will lose the tax free threshold, meaning every day you earn on the working holiday visa will be subject to tax, tax at a rate of 32.5%. ( If legislation passed) The Current Working Holiday / Backpacker Tax Situation   Currently anyone on an Australian working holiday visa will be exempt from tax on the first $18,200 Read more