The Perfect Weekend Road Trip | Victoria


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Whether you’re a free bird without the ties of a job or you have a long weekend off and you fancy a little bit of adventure, a mini road trip might be the ideal solution for a quick get away. It’s cheap, it’s fun and you get to pick some of your favourite people to go with you to share the memories with! Renting a car is pretty simple if you’re above 21 that is and have your drivers licence with you, booking a camper can be slightly more difficult especially in public holidays or peak times but still very Read more

Top Tips for a Road Trip in Australia

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Australia is a big country and doing an Aussie road trip can be an amazing adventure, no matter what age you are. However you need to know how to keep safe and sufficient in the event of a breakdown on your vehicle. Even if you’re a backpacker, a first time roadie or an experienced traveler in Australia. Every situation can be different and you need to ensure you are adequately prepared. We are now ready to complete our 3rd big adventure in Australia and we feel confident that our Top 6 Tips will help you be prepared for your trip. Read more

A Road Trip On The Great Ocean Road


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  I’ve heard one day: “A road trip on the Great Ocean Road? Seriously? It’s only rocks and heaps of water!” WHAT?! Well, it’s not entirely wrong, there’s a lot of water. But it’s so much more than that! Impressive cliffs, refreshing rainforest, beautiful beaches, hundreds of colours… This is definitely a must do trip for working holiday visa holders and backpackers that come to Melbourne! Some of you won’t have more than a day to dedicate to it, but if you can hire a campervan for a week or so, go for it! I’ve travelled along the Great Ocean Road (and Read more