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Working holiday makers are always talking about their travel experiences but what about the famous Australian foods that we eat everyday! Here’s a list of 17 famous Aussie eats, have you eaten them all?

17. Lamingtons

Lamingtons are typically square or rectangular in shape and are a famous Australian sponge cake. Coated in chocolate icing and sprinkled with coconut it goes down nice with a cup of tea . ( Aussies love sprinkling snacks with coconut)

16. Cherry Ripe

Introduced in 1924 the cherry ripe is said to be Australia’s oldest chocolate bar. It’s made of fruit cherries and coconut coated with dark chocolate.

15. Meat Pie and Sauce

Been to a footy match? Don’t know what too eat at half time? Well you do now! The crowd favourite of meat pie and sauce is an all time classic Australia food.

14. Tim Tams

Have you heard of the Aussie’s sending tim tams all over the world while they are on working holidays. Well this famous Australian food is popular for a reason with approximately 35 million packets sold each year!

Made up of two layers chocolate biscuit and coated in chocolate this is a must eat when downunder. Just don’t eat too many in summer! They aren’t good for the wasteline.

13. Vegemite

Many people simply hate vegemite, you can say it’s an acquired taste, love it or hate it but either way it’s an aussie classic! One many working holiday visa holders learn to love!

We’are happy little vegetates!


12. Wagon Wheels

Wagon wheels consist of two biscuits with a marshowmallow filling covered in chocolate. It’s a real winner and an aussie favourite!

11. Chiko Roll


The Chiko Roll was a big thing in the 90s’s and has survived through fish and chip shops to be a cult classic. This deep frieds snack is like a big chunky spring roll but with a thicker batter and filled with beef, celery, cabbage, barley, carrot, onion and various spices.

10. Golden Gaytime

The milk bar classic, the golden gaytime is a classic Australian ice cream, a real crowd favourite. If your going to get cheeky it has nothing to do with the Marti-gra.

9. Chicken Parmagiana

The classic pub meal, parma and a pot, a real Aussie’s feed especially where’s there’s specials and you can grab the combo for $12-$15. If you don’t know what a “ chicken parma” is then you must try.

A chicken schnitzel topped with an italian stlye tomate sauce, ham and cheese, a counter meal classic.

8. Macadamia nuts

These little rippers are actually native to South Australia but you can find a job picking macadamia nuts in various regions across Australia. A crowd favourite is chocolate coated macadamia nuts, a real treat!

7. Weet-Bix

How many weet-bix do you eat? Another iconic Australian food weet-bix has become a childhood institution “ Aussie Kids, Are weetbix kids”


6. Iced VoVo

A wheat base topped with pink fondaint on both sides with a strip of rasberry jam and coconut sprinkled on top. The Iced Vevo really rose to fame in 2007 when then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made a shout out to tasty snack in his election speech.

5. Pavlova

The age old argument, it is New Zealands or Australia’s will forever be a point of conversion. None the less you should get invovled and try the delicious Pavlova.
Pavlova has a crisp crust but a soft light inside. It will be covered in whipped cream at the top and scattered with fruits such as peaches and strawberries. Fruit you may have picker while doing a fruit picking job.

4. Fairy bread

Hundreds and thousands, bread and butter and there you go! Fairy bread is a crowd favourite at childrens parties but it doesn’t mean we can’t get involved as well.

3. Hamburger with beetroot

In at least one of your trips to the local fish and chip shop your should get a hamburger with the lot and or beetroot. It’s an aussie tradition and a crowd favourite!

Some go as far and put a potato cake in the hamburger as well.

2. Fantales

A bite sized snack that is coated in chocolate milk with a chewy caramel centre.
Not only are they chocolate chewy goodness, fantales actually contain trivia questions which are great for that long road trip or those hungover days.

1. Kangaroo

The national animal is actually a favourite Australian eat. It’s not for those who prefer their meat well done, it’s traditionally cooked medium-rare, often grilled or barbequed . A famous Australian food and a healthy eat! High in protein and low in fat.

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