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5 Aussie Hostels You Need To Check Out!


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  Hostels are a HUGE part of the journey. It’s where you meet people who could easily become your next travel partner for the next however many months. It’s where you get to party the night away or chill in the tv rooms or get a cosy early night before a long productive day. It’s where you find out most of the ‘need to knows’ and ‘where to go’s’ for the destination you’re staying in from the friendly reception staff. It’s also probably one of the best places to book day trips and activities and hours through your hostel, you Read more

10 Signs You’re Getting Travellers “Itchy Feet”


  Not the kind of itchy feet where you need to see a doctor, I’m talking about the “itchy feet” you get when you feel the need to explore your horizons. Whether it being the complete start of your trip where you quit your job back home, pack a bag and hope to never return or if you’ve been on the go for a while and you want the feeling of turning up somewhere completely new where no soul knows your name or your story. So here’s a list of signs that you need to re-pack your bag and get Read more

8 Places You Have To See in Tasmania


Oh Tasmania. Tasmania is one of, if not THE highlight of the last year or so that I’ve travelling around Australia. It’s beauty is so wild and fresh and it’s just an incredible place to see out of a car window with some of your favourite people. Last April I did a five day road trip around Tassie with my boyfriend and 2 friends with a little rented car which just about fitted us and our bags in. We flew into Hobart from Melbourne and did a round trip with 4 full days to play with. Here’s the places we Read more

20 Things That Seem Normal After Working on an Outback Cattle Station


We all want to do something exciting for our regional work right? I was quite lucky with mine as I split it into two jobs with the first being on a race horse stud farm near the Gold Coast and the other half about about 5 months later on a cattle station in the outback about 700k inland from Townsville. These are just some of the things that we’re considered normal everyday life whilst working on the station. 1. Your next door neighbour could be an hours drive away. No joke, the station we worked on was 167,000 acres. Next Read more

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Expect To Find on The Great Ocean Road


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When people talk about the Great Ocean Road you instantly think of one of the most travelled, iconic roads in Australia and obviously the ocean and the beach. The Twelve Apostles, London Arch, Apollo Bay and Otway Fly, these are a few of the usual names thrown around and by all means do not miss these but there is far more to it, way off the beaten track. Whether you plan to visit The Great Ocean Road for three days or three weeks there is plenty to see. Here are some of those things that you don’t expect to see Read more

Thoughts of a sweet potato picker

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin For the last 11 weeks I have had the pleasure of doing my regional work in Tolga, part of the Atherton Tablelands. I have been moved about from farm to farm experiencing how to pick avocados from trees (who knew they grew on trees!), plant blueberries, sort bananas and most of all I have learned the ins and outs of the production of sweet potatoes. After hanging around Cairns for 2 weeks with my 3 friends and other backpackers desperately searching for regional work, we eventually got the good to go from Tolga Country Lodge. Read more

The Australian Working Holiday: Work versus Play!


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I am now in my 8th month in Australia and have decided not to do the 88 days regional work to get a visa extension. This decision has mostly been made by the fact that I have run out of time to find something suitable and to complete the days, but the idea of picking fruit for hours and an allergy to horses ruling out most farm work didn’t help!   Plan Your “Working” Holiday   Planning when to do the working part of your Australian working holiday can have a big impact on your year. I worked part time Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone!


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Traveling alone is the way to go. You meet new people, you see new places, you get to know yourself. Ever since I traveled alone for the first time, I’m hooked. I even prefer traveling alone over a trip with friends. Not sure if solo travel is something for you? Here are 5 reasons why it undoubtedly is! 1. You can’t sit around and wait for life to come to you I decided on my first solo trip when I didn’t have anyone to travel with. I just graduated college, had some free time and none of my friends could Read more

8 Really Wild Encounters Around Australia


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Australia is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife and surprisingly it is a lot more accessible that you might think. Each state has something to offer so no matter where you end up in the vast country there is always something exciting to see, beautiful to photograph and ultimately make everyone at home green with envy! Here are a few choice picks around the country to add to the wild encounters wish list. 1. Whalesharking in Exmouth, WA Whalesharks are the largest fish in the ocean, occasionally reaching the grand length of around 18m, but generally about 12m Read more

Canberra – What You Don’t Know and Should Do!


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Before travelling to Australia chances are you won’t have heard much about Canberra. Whilst travelling in Australia chances are you won’t have heard much about Canberra (unless you watch the news!). This is because most Australians haven’t been to Canberra nor are they planning on doing so. Well more fool them I say. Whilst working in Eden in NSW we found ourselves with an unexpected long weekend so thought we’d see what the capital of this vast country had to offer. Surprisingly quite a lot! Let me first start out by saying that Canberra is never going to be able Read more