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Regional Operators are looking for new in occupations to be added “ specified work” list that allow workers on the 417 Working Holiday Visa to stay another year and obtain the second year working holiday visa. Regional restaurants, caravan parks, motels are amongst the stake holders pushing for this too happen.

Backpacker Jobs- Second Year Visa

Letting backpackers work in tourism to extend their stay in Australia was an idea suggest by the Labor Government back in 2012. Legislation currently requires the backpacker jobs to be in the following sectors:

Plant and Animal Cultivation ( Fruit Picking Jobs)
Fishing and Pearling
Construction, Mining
Tree Farming and Felling

and the work must be completed in areas in the postcode list. Once 88 days have been completed workers are eligible to apply for the second year working holiday visa.

Federal Government Assures Industry Stakeholders

The Federal Government has assured the agriculture sector it will carefully consider any changes to the working holiday visa.
The chair of the Australian Regional Tourism Network, David Sheldon, said it was “extremely difficult” to find enough qualified labour, and backpackers often had the basic food service and hospitality skills regional tourism operations needed.
While Ausveg spokesman Andrew Macdonald stated “We don’t want to see that workforce diluted by having them potentially opt for tourism jobs over the agricultural jobs that are so important to our industry.” Source ABC Rural.
We will keep you posted on an any developments on backpacker jobs and obtaining the second working holiday visa. And remember when looking for work be careful as there’s been two recent fruit picking scams surface, Narrogin backpacker scam and Mildura fruit picking scam.

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6 Responses to “Second Year Visa Rules Could Change”

  1. Marek Kwiecien-Fisher

    hi guys,
    I am a Blueberry farmer in Gingin Western Australia. Our picking season starts from May and finishes in November. I am always looking for working holiday visa workers during these times. I am always happy to receive applicants by email during these times. I hope you may send prespective workers my email address.

    • Kayleigh

      I’m looking for work to complete my regional work required for my second year visa are you able to help?



    • Le Coadou Lola

      Good morning Marek,
      I just see your message on the website and would like to know more about it. I’m actualy in Canberra, working in Nanny and want to find some farmworks to renew my visa. I read that your season for blueberry start in May and finish 6 months later, this is when I finish my job here and would like to stay the most is possible to have my 88 days. Plus you’re situated in WA, wich is on of the places where I want to go.
      I’m young, adventurous, travelers and absolutely motivated to get my second year in OZ.
      Hoping hearing from you soon. Have a good day.

    • Andrew Lamb

      Hey Marek, I would be interested in working on your farm in May, if you’re still looking for workers for the upcoming season.

    • Robyn

      Hi Marek, are you still looking for workers at the moment? As I need to complete my 3 months work for my 2nd year WHV and I am ready to start immediately!

  2. gary

    After hosting a lovely girl from France and experiencing the horrible story of her being exploited by a complete arsehole in mildura(Don the backpackers) I feel for the many backpackers trying to get their second year visa . Hopefully this industry changes for the Better. Cheers! Gary


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