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There is a certain excitement that goes hand in hand with getting together with a couple of friends and jetting off to see the world. Having said that, the excitement that comes from jetting off on your own can be just as strong and enrich your life more. Having travelled with people and by myself, I have found a number of perks that only arise if you are travelling alone.

Cutting Costs

The first perk is cost. I understand a lot can be said for ‘pay one person, get the second one half price’, but opportunity lends itself to solo travellers. As much as people are wary of it, hitch-hiking is just as wide-spread (just not as talked about!) as it was 10 years ago – and the likelihood of getting where you need to go leans strongly in favour of those who only take up one seat. Obviously, choosing the place in which, and being cautious of whom you hitchhike with is important for your safety, but from my personal experiences there is an increasing amount of respect for those who travel alone.
Cost is easier to keep to a minimum if you are solo. Ever heard a ticket seller say ‘It is £15 but I will make it £10 just for you!’? – I can guarantee they weren’t talking to a couple or group! It’s someone just like you who they are talking to.

Solo Experience

The second reason to fly solo is an experience. As I said above, respect for solo travellers is on the rise – as is the number of experiences open to them, Whether it’s discounted local tours (or the last seat on a flight to Spain!) for a solo traveller or the way in which you travel, having a bit more control over the memories you make is nothing but awesome! Want to go skydiving? Then go skydiving! Want to spend 3 months travelling Ireland in a tent? Then for goodness sakes, just do it!
You are your only limit. You learn what makes you happy and what makes you tick – and as cliché as it sounds, ‘you will discover you’. You can choose where you want to go and when, and if you feel like it you can drop everything and change your mind. You won’t be a burden to anyone and your shared plans if you stay an extra 2 days in the middle of no-where. And reverse everything I said too! If you don’t want to go skydiving – then who is going to be upset? No-one, because you are the only one you need to answer to!
It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? Being Alone.

You’re Never Alone

But that is the third reason to run ahead. You’re not alone. (You will become your own best friend for a start!)
Being a solo traveller, you are far less intimidating than a group. This means that you will be easy to approach as easy to be approached by. These people all over the world, whether they are locals in a small Ireland town or travellers in Denmark, are friends waiting to be made. Instead of sharing all of your priceless memories with one friend, you can throw them like glitter to the air, and share your memories with the world! – And become far more confident and open-minded while you’re at it!
Yes, you won’t have one person at home who can relate to your story or to have a laugh with, but you will a wiser more enriched person because of it, with friends the world over.
So next time you decide to travel or go on a working holiday, why not leave the friends behind and go at it alone? You never know who you might discover.

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Born and raised in a small town in Tasmania, Lisa packed her passport and camera and heading off on the adventure of a lifetime when she was 18. Now aged 20, with a mountain load of memories and experiences to her name, she is out to share what she knows with the world of young travellers. From insights to her journey, and tips to help you, Lisa is proud as punch to let you into her story! Enjoy the adventures!

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