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There are tons of backpackers in Australia (And if you read this, you are probably one of them!).  You will mostly find them on the East Coast.  If you are looking for «the typical backpacking trip», I would not recommend you these places as they are boring, secret and non-touristic.

  1. Lucky Bay, Western Australia

Who really wants to see kangaroos on the beach?

Lucky Bay / A Broken Backpack

  1. Frenchman Peak, Western Australia

Are there still people who like hiking out there?  Anyway, the clouds blocked the view…

Frenchman Peak / A Broken Backpack

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  1. Lancelin Sand Dunes, Western Australia

So, there is a white desert in the middle of nowhere…  Who cares?

Lancelin Sand Dunes / A Broken Backpack

  1. The Pinnacles, Western Australia

The sand is yellow and there are plenty of weird rocks.  So, basically, we are talking about sand and rocks.

The Pinnacles / A Broken Backpack

  1. Nullabor lookout, South Australia

Did you say the Nullabor?  Why should I drive this boring road if there is nothing out there?


Nullabor Lookout / A Broken Backpack

  1. The Great Ocean Drive, Western Australia

Is this the Great Ocean road?

Great Ocean Drive / A Broken Backpack

  1. Fingal Head, New South Wales

It’s just another beach.

Fingal Head / A Broken Backpack

I really hope you will not lose your time trying to get to these places as there is nobody out there.  It’s not worth it.

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Hey guys! I'm Melissa! I am a backpacker since June 2014. I was supposed to travel for two months... So far, I never came back! I am originally from Quebec, but I am currently in Australia! Enjoying my working holiday visa, I am also a travel blogger. Find my tips / stories and learn how to travel like a broken nomad (or not!).

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  1. Tom

    Haha i can’t tell if your being sarcastic, I’m pretty sure you are….

    Bring on december 1st !!


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