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Travelling alone can mean lots of different things, one in particular is telling yourself things while you “ find yourself” on the road. Here are 8 lies solo travellers tell themselves and we’re there’s plenty more,

1) I will not fall in love

Meeting the girl or guy of your dreams can often change your travel plans, changing your flight or missing that bus.

2) I will not get absolutely blind and pass out in a random place

Meeting new people while travelling can and will most likely lead to getting on the drink. Sometimes it can get completely out of control! A real first world problem!

3) I will eat healthy

Your diet will most likely include a lot of alcohol so eating well is going to stop that travel bulge and keep you feeling fresh for all the tourist activities.

4) I will learn the local language/lingo

Going through places like Thailand, knowing sawadee kup or kapunkup isn’t going to give you the full cultural experience.

5) I will fall in love

In stark contrast to the first point, A romantic holiday is a much better idea than returning back to work.
travel couple

6) I will do exercise and stay fit while I travel

As your sampling the local produce and drink the dream of waking up for a run the next morning is always around. Pity it only ever happens once you get home,to that gym you’d been paying for while away as you forgot to turn off recurring payments!

7) I will do a travel blog

The updates usually come quick and frequently early, the key is to keep posting after the first month or week for the lazy buggers! On that note if you would like to be a travel blogger for us contact the team now.

8) I will truly find myself

You may not truly find yourself but lets hope you come home a better, changed more worldly person.
Can you think of any others? What lies have you told yourself travelling?
Please share this with your friends who are also travelling and here’s more reading for you,
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