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There’s a million ways to travel and the only person who knows the answer is you, right now, in this moment! People ask how to travel correctly? The answer is simply – There’s is no right or wrong way!

Whether it`s driving with your own car, hitch hiking, cycling, sailing or walking. There is no limit in options . The only question should be: “How can I sample many experiences, have fun and develop myself as much as possible on this journey?”

Here’s 8 ways out of a million ways how you can get from A to B.

1.Buying a car / motorcycle

Buying a car is the easiest way to get wherever your heart desires. You simply don`t have to worry about “How am I going to get there” anymore, you are independent and can probably save a lot of money by sleeping and traveling in it. (sleeping in a tent in case of you have a motorcycle)

Their are different ways to find a car: asking around or flyer in the hostel, travel forums or work and travel groups on Facebook. It happens so often that working holiday makers are leaving the country and are desperate to sell their car as quick as possible. That`s your chance for a great bargain! By the same token when selling your car be organised about it so you don’t get stuck selling at rock bottom price!

Many travellers stay at official camping places which will include basic amenities and a bbq / kitchen setup. The cheaper option is to try your luck and just stay anywhere on the side of the road. You will run the risk of a ranger/police finding you.

The good thing with this way of traveling is that it`s a way of life. It`s (If you did it right) not just a way of getting from A to B, but a road trip full of fun and adventures, whilst the main focus of bus tours or lifts is to reach your destination as cheap and quick as possible.

On the other side there comes a big responsibility with your own car. At first you have to pay a lot of money to get it, make sure that is it registered and insured. Many opportunities that I during my travels, I would have never experienced them without a car. So you are now independent but remember but your still tied to your car. If you want to find a middle ground, hire a campervan or car.

2.Get A Lift 

Many backpacker don`t want to be responsible for their own car neither do they want to be a “normal tourist” and take the service bus that goes every 30 minutes from Brisbane to Surfers Paradise. Lifts are the perfect compromise. You get to know many different local people or backpackers like yourself from all over the world and you have automatically a conversation partner and maybe a new friend and travel partner.

Coseats helps you to find very easily a lift from where ever you want to, to where ever you want to, and usually you share fuel costs and fun. Through coseats I found a lift from Coolangatta (East Coast) to Perth (West Coast). It was a guy from Perth that had to sell his camper van and get a new one in Brisbane. So on the way back he gave me a lift and didn`t even want any fuel money! This saved me hundreds of Dollars and I had an awesome 9 days road trip through the outback-campfire and star watching every night included.

Another way to get lifts and road trips is just to be very communicative in the hostels. The more people you get to know the bigger the chance there is someone between them that wants to go on an amazing trip and has a spare seat. Be spontaneous and flexible enough to take advantage of these opportunities.

3.Hitch Hiking

For the brave ones hitch hiking is an awesome way to get a lift and to meet all kinds of different people for free!!! I know it`s jumping out of the comfort zone to do this and I was really scared and shy in the beginning also, but now I wouldn`t even think of paying even 1$ for any bus. My first hitch hiking experience ever turned out to be a 1 hour guide tour through Penang with its history and all of its best spots.

I`m not saying it`s not dangerous at all, but my motto is “nothing ventured nothing gained”. There’s always a chance that something could happen, so if you don`t feel comfortable or something is weird, sit back and reconsider and maybe don’t jump in the car. On the other hand- if this person that just stopped to give a hitch hiker a lift wasn’t a dangerous person, he or she is probably the nicest person! The two sides of the coin!

I’ve hitch hiked quite often and never had any problems, but one of the guys that gave me a lift said, he hitch hiked for 5 years and had two an uncomfortable experiences. Nothing really bad happened, but you have to be aware of the risk. Over the duration of a working holiday you could save a lot of money too!


The only requirement for walking is a light backpack and no rush. Once I hitch hiked half way from Brisbane to Coolangatta and walked the rest. It was a really long walk, but If you really focus on the walk and everything around you, it`s the best chance to enjoy the nature and all it`s wonders. It`s definitely not the fastest way to move forward, but the route is the target, right 😉

5.Bus / Train

I’ve never used the bus or train for long distances since I’ve been in Australia, for me it seems boring and regular. Don’t get me wrong, you can have great adventures on a bus trip as well, especially if its full of other backpackers and your friends! Companies like greyhound bus offer you km passes, that allow you to hop on and off on any destination until your km`s are depleted. The disadvantage of the greyhound bus is, you are not as flexible as with your own car regarding the destinations.


Who says you can`t sail around the world??? Nobody! All the big ports all over the world the ships are looking for people to work and help on big crossings (even without experience). Sometimes you sail for free to another country or even continent, and sometimes you even get paid! You definitely have a big adventure! How to get such a chance? You just go to the ship harbours and ask around. In the worst case they say no and in the best case you are going on maybe the trip of a lifetime.

Of course you can simply just pay for a ferry!


Just another idea to motivate you being creative! It`s as nature friendly as walking, quicker, you can make cover long distances with your bicycle and of course it is for free. I met a guy that crossed china on his bicycle.
Festival backpacker job


Finding a job that includes traveling! I worked for 3 months on the show / carnival / kirmes / loona park (or what ever you want to call it) and moved with hundreds of people from town to town. This journey was from Bundaberg up to Cairns and back to Brisbane. I worked, slept and partied in 15 different towns made so many really good friends from all over the world and saved quite a lot of money as I didn’t have to pay for accommodation or fun.

My Final Thoughts

Before I started traveling I thought my options were either buying my own car (maybe with a friend) or getting lifts with other cars to travel through Australia, this is how we do it back home.

Can I ask you a question? Did you come to the other side of the world to do the same things as at home? Exactly, nothing is impossible and you are the only person that can decide what your story will be.Think out of the box and live the road less travelled.

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