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Things you only do when you travel- A Broken Backpack

There is a tiny line between my comfort zone and my discomfort.

Okay. It might be a bit more than a tiny line.

Okay. A creek.  A big creek. A big creek with a weird name (Australia, I am talking to you here!). 

So, there is a creek between my comfort and my discomfort.

What’s the big difference between a typical life and a backpacker’s life?

The backpacker’s life comes with a lot of great travel stories… and a decreasing of standards.

16 things I would never do back home in my comfy pillow-life AKA the 16 things I only do when I travel:

  1. Fruit picking

I picked cherries and tomatoes. My expectations, promises and reality are three different things. So, the challenge lasted only a few days or a few hours. A big congrats to those who are good at it. Seriously, what are your tricks?

  1. Hitch-hiking

I started to hitchhike in Greece to save money on my trips. Then, I became a pro in Western Canada. The thumb is the best friend of the budget traveller.

  1. Sleeping everywhere as long as it’s cheap or free

From a big hotel to a crowded dorm, from a couch to a tent, from a car to an airport, from an apartment to a house, from a beach to a… -insert another cheap option here-.

  1. Skipping1, 2,3,4,5, … showers

A shower can become an option.  Beach and bath are the same, right?

  1. Wearing the same clothes 1,2,3,4,5… times

If I did not have the chance to have a shower, I can forget about laundry. Having a good hygiene, what does that mean exactly?

  1. Sharing a room

Share a dorm is one thing, share an apartment another one, but share a room … is an evil necessity and a perfect option to save money… Especially in Australia!

  1. Having 9 room-mates

So, I shared a flat with 3 other girls… and with 6 guys in Sydney.  Well, it was cheap… and surprisingly clean!

  1. Working on the street

Yes, I used to be a fundraiser. In Christmas time, I was the one dancing in the middle of  pitt street around the famous Lego tree. I also probably tried to stop you so you can listen to my good speech about charities.

  1. Socializing with strangers

I overused my social skills when I worked on the streets. (Please, read #8 again).

  1. Being a farmer

A necessity to get another year in Australia!  These 40 signs you survived the regional work might remind you some good memories!

  1. Dealing with crap

Being a farmer in an animal farm also means dealing with crap or… with a crappy job or a crappy boss.

  1. Digging 1, 2,3,4,5, … holes

If showers are not always available, it’s the same for toilets.

  1. Living in a car

Australia is a perfect place to enjoy road trips and to live in the “comfort” of a car (perfect compromise to travel to Australia on a budget).

  1. Agreeing to be natural

The make-up has become a luxury, a treat. As a farmer, a backpacker and a homeless, I do not need to give a face to my face. More than a year without a haircut, I also accepted that my crazy hair will always win.

  1. Driving on the opposite side of the road

I’m still not fully confident with all these roundabouts (Originally from Canada, we are fanatics of traffic lights).

  1. Living an English life

My life turned in English for over a year now. Crazy.  Who would have thought I will end up in a relationship with an English backpacker and that I would become an imperfectly bilingual blogger?

And you, what are the things you only do when you travel?

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Hey guys! I'm Melissa! I am a backpacker since June 2014. I was supposed to travel for two months... So far, I never came back! I am originally from Quebec, but I am currently in Australia! Enjoying my working holiday visa, I am also a travel blogger. Find my tips / stories and learn how to travel like a broken nomad (or not!).

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